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a facade (also fa?ade; / f ? ? s ɑ? d /) is generally one exterior side of a building usually the front. it is a foreign loan word from the french fa?ade which means " frontage " or " face ".【Get Price】

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the tarot is a deck of cards that originated over 500 years ago in northern italy. although the tarot was first used in a game called triumphs it was quickly adopted as a tool for divination and popularized by occult societies such as the hermetic order of the golden dawn .【Get Price】

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contactez l'entreprise orakci au 06 80 32 82 28 pour le ravalement de fa?ade isolation thermique par l’extérieur peinture extérieur【Get Price】

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facade is thought to have come to english from the vulgar latin facia meaning “face.” along the way it passed through both italian as faccia and french as _fa?ade . the earliest meaning of the word in english was in reference to the front portion of a building it’s “face” so to speak (and face itself is sometimes used to 【Get Price】

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the facade indeed was wholly grim with a castellated tower at one end and a number of narrow sunken windows looking askance on the wreck and ruin of a once prim old-fashioned high-walled garden.【Get Price】

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the facade pattern (also spelled fa?ade) is a software-design pattern commonly used with object-oriented programming. analogous to a facade in architecture a facade is an object that serves as a front-facing interface masking more complex underlying or structural code. a facade can:【Get Price】

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definition of facade - the principal front of a building that faces on to a street or open space a deceptive outward appearance definition of facade in english: facade (also fa?ade) noun. 1 the principal front of a building that faces on to a street or open space.【Get Price】